Functional difficulties caused by stress, lack or bad position of teeth are more and more common these days.The problems are manifested as pain in joint and muscles or as grinding the teeth. After functional diagnostics, the patient wears a splint, as therapy for the minimum of three weeks. The splint disenables the forced movements, after which every patient needs to undergo an adequate recovery.

Prosthetics (bridges and crowns)

When teeth are badly damaged, it is not always possible just to cover them by veneers in order to get a satisfying aesthetic solution. This is when crowns are used and when it is not possible to make up for the lack of tooth by an implant, we build in bridges.


Did you know that your head, shoulders and your whole muscular system can ache because of irregular teeth position, lack of teeth, decreased or increased bite?
Apart from that, rushed rythm of life under constant stress causes constant tension of the chewing muscles. As a consequence of this, there are more and more patients with “worn” teeth.They need the splint only to relax the chewing muscles and wear it only by night. Precise functional diagnostics detects the cause and the initial therapy of all disorders of chewing system function is done with splints.