Aesthetics is wanted more and more these days with the goal of achieving health, satisfaction and self-confidence enabling a higher level of quality of life.
Our main goals are to reestablish function and to achieve maximum aesthetic success.


Modern techniques and materials today enable high level of aesthetic reconstruction of big flaws, even cracked teeth. It is also possible to optically improve irregularities of natural teeth without damaging the tooth substance. New materials for aesthetic reconstruction are available in all colours and easy to work with, so the fillings are completely invisible and the teeth look natural.


Ceramic veneers are glued “plates” with which dentist can correct cracked or coloured teeth, correct their position or fill in the gaps between teeth, so it is not necessary to extensively grind the enamel. The patient, considering it is a mostly aesthetic procedure, takes part in the preparatory phase in terms of achieving the final form.
The veneers are put on the prepared base (tooth) by a special technique using light hardening glue. In order to achieve their stability and continuance, regular check-ups and personal hygiene are recommended.